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What Does Tree Pruning Do for Your Trees?

Never Forget to Prune Your Trees  

Have you ever wondered why it was always important or you were always told to never forget to prune your trees? This is because pruning is an essential task needed by your trees in order for them to grow strong and healthy. How, you wonder? Well tree pruning contributes to a lot because this task involves:

Cutting dead branches

This is important, especially if you do not want these branches to fall on you unexpectedly. Dead or broken branches will be removed during pruning and will keep you and anyone who passes by under the tree safe from harm. If you leave it there, not only will your trees be dangerous but they will also look messy and unkempt.

Removing infected parts

Pruning is one way to stop the spread of diseases in your trees. This is because the infection usually starts small and if continues to be neglected, can spread to your trees without you even realizing it. When pruning is done, these infected parts will be cut off, stopping the spread and making sure your trees continue to be healthy and strong.

Nipping the top parts

You need to nip the top parts of your trees in order to give enough sunlight to the branches below. By doing this you are ensuring that the bottom branches will stay healthy. Lack of sunlight and too much water is usually the reason for a tree to get infected or die. Regular pruning will help you prevent this.

These are just some of the many benefits of tree pruning and the main reasons why you should never forget to do it for your trees in Saint Louis, MO. If you do not know how it is done, or simply do not have the time to do so, hire K V Tree Service LLC. We will make sure to take care of your trees for you so call us today at (314) 279-9965.

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