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Is It Necessary to Remove The Tree Stump?

Is It Necessary to Remove The Tree Stump?  

Top Reasons Why Tree Stump Removal Is Important

Just like every living organisms, trees will eventually reach the end of its life. Once it happens, you should remove them from your yard since it poses safety risks to lives and properties. After the tree has been removed, its stump still remains. Most property owners ignore it without knowing the dangers it brings. If you want to know why tree stump removal should be a priority after removing the tree itself, you need to stay on this page.

Stumps are hazardous

Most kids and pets are fond of running and playing in a yard. If they don’t see the tree stump, they will definitely trip and stumble on the ground which will lead to injuries like ankle sprains, abrasions, or skin cuts. In addition to that, tree stumps can damage the lawn mower when bumped to one by accident.

Stumps can attract pests

A stump in your yard can decay over time, which can attract pests and other invasive insects. Some of the insects that inhabit in decaying matter are termites, beetles, and other wood-boring pests. If you disregard removing the decaying tree stump, the pests may reproduce and you can expect them to reach your home soon.

Stumps can ruin landscape appeal

Unless you place statues or pillars around your lawn, stumps are not a good sight to see. If you want to give your neighbors and passersby a good impression about your home, have these disturbing stumps removed as soon as possible.

These are the important reasons for removing those tree stumps in your lawn. When it comes to quick and safe tree stump removal service, K V Tree Service LLC is the company you can trust. We serve the property owners situated in Saint Louis, MO. To know more about the other services we offer, give us a call at (314) 279-9965.

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