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Can Trees Be Dangerous to Keep?

Can Trees Be Dangerous to Keep?  

Signs to Know When to Get a Tree Service Done

Trees are natural additions to your property. But because they require proper maintenance, they can easily become a burden if you don’t take good care of them. The moment they become a problem, they need to be removed right away before even more problems arise. But how can you tell if a tree is too dangerous to keep? How do you know when to hire a tree service provider to remove them right away? The following are indicators that tell you that your trees need to be removed right away.


Regardless of the cause, if you see signs of decay on the trunk of the tree, it needs to be removed right away. Sure, you can still save the tree if the decaying process is only on the branches. All you would have to do is prune the tree to prevent the disease from spreading. But if the disease is covering the entire tree, you may want to remove them immediately before the disease spreads to the rest of the plants on your property.

Too Close for Comfort

If the tree in question is leaning too close to your house, it needs to be removed right away. Strong winds and extreme weather conditions could cause the tree to snap and fall on top of your house. This will cause major property damage, and someone could get hurt in the process if they are inside the house the moment it falls.

Tangled With Telephone Lines

Any trees that are tangled with telephone lines need to be removed by a tree service provider immediately. Since trees grow and branches get even longer than they are, they could start pulling on the lines and cause it to short-circuit and catch on fire.

If the trees on your property are decaying, leaning too close to your house, or tangled with telephone lines, they need to be removed right away before it’s too late. Consider hiring a tree service provider such as K V Tree Service LLC. We can quickly remove dangerous trees on properties in Saint Louis, MO.

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